About us

Prana began its journey as a small, yet beautiful studio space in Belfast’s Queens Quarter. It was designed to be a welcoming place, where you can practice yoga, train and exercise in a safe, body positive environment.

Throughout our three year run on Belfasts University Street, we introduced hundreds of people to authentic, breath led yoga and compassionate fitness coaching.

Although our studio closed its doors in 2021, Prana is still going strong. We have scaled back to focus on 1-1 instruction, online content creation and yoga programs (as opposed to drop in classes). We have teamed up with one of Belfasts oldest independent gyms, “Peak Physique” on Lisburn Road, using their conveniently located space to offer private coaching and yoga to our members. Although our own studio doors are closed for the moment, we are always looking for new members to join us in our temporary home at Peak Physique and begin their education in yoga and fitness.

Our Yoga Classes


We believe that Yoga is for the individual. It is taught for the benefit of the student, not the teacher.

At Prana, you won’t find anyone telling you to speed up, slow down, do more or do less. Our classes are suitable for all ages and abilities, all shapes and sizes.

If you can breathe, you can do Yoga.

Our Fitness Classes

Fitness in Belfast

“Fitness” is the word we use to describe all our non yoga classes. We practice and teach functional fitness, where progress isn’t measured by how skinny or muscular you are, but by how well you move and breathe and perform.

You can expect a mixture of traditional gym exercises, strength training and body weight exercises.

A celebration of movement.